Why the name?

Why did we choose this as our name?

One theory on how Charleston was dubbed the Holy City, is that the city was settled on principles of religious tolerance and embraced diversity and equality. In fact, in 1702, the city’s religious community was 42% Anglican, 45% Calvinist, 10% Baptist, and 2.5% Quaker and Jewish. In today’s Charleston, the spectacular view of the cityscape dotted with steeples is a reminder of the impact religion once had and still has on the development of the city. You will immediately understand this appropriate nickname when you bask in the view from the Charleston Harbor.  While the real reason for the name may not be completely verifiable, we like the name and feel it conveys the fact that we are part of the beautiful Low Country of South Carolina.

Who we are

We are a local, small business, that specializes in WordPress website development, but we provide a wide variety of products and services for small to medium businesses that can’t afford to maintain a dedicated web and IT team in house.

Our Mission

As a small business, we also understand that many times the owner wears many if not all of the hats in the business.  We also understand that there is often very little budget for anything other than the bare necessities of running a business. Since we strongly believe that any business needs a website (in today’s competitive digital environment is not optional), we will provide all of the necessary tools and resources (most of which will be free or very low cost) for those business owners who feel the need to create and manage his/her own website.  Our promise is that we will provide high value content, tips, resources and tutorials to help small business owners make their own website a reality.