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Invoice Number INV-1024
Invoice Date June 17, 2018
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June 28, 2018 - Charleston Office
Added exceptions to the firewall for executable files associated with the MouthWatch camera and confirmed that traffic was set to allow for the Curve site on all of the machines. Removed where there where multiple sets of drivers installed. Tested as best I could. Exam room 1 requires new MouthWatch install to try to fix the button click driver.

2 IT Support - C+W Charleston

August 13, 2018 - Charleston office
Fixed driver issue with Curve Capture - had troubleshoot multiple driver/installs - To fix this issue I had to remove all files in the System32 folder that the batch file created related to the Suni driver, cleaned up several Registry entries (I installed a tool to do this - do a deep clean of the registry) and then simply ran the driver install application in the x64 folder. Future new installs should involve simply running the application in the X64 folder on the CD rather than following the instructions provided.
Setup printer for Exam room 3.

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Total Due $160.00