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What we do for you

WordPress installation

We will install and setup your WordPress site, and configure with what we feel are the optimum settings.

Select a Theme

We will add a free theme that best suits you, based on your needs.


We will add our favorite plugins, including plugins to make your site secure, help you with SEO, and more!

Make your site fly

We will setup caching services to help your site be lighting fast.  All that is left if for your to add content!

Getting started

Step 1 – Select a Domain name

Your domain name is your identity on the web. You will want to follow some simple guidelines:

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Make it memorable
  • Make it say something about your site
  • Avoid misspellings and special characters
  • Use a .com if possible (.net, .org, .co if not available)

*Some hosting companies include a FREE domain name.


Step 2 – Select a Hosting Company

You will need a domain name and a web host to start your website/blog.  We have selected several quality web hosts to partner with in order to keep this service free.

Simply select the host you wish to use from our trusted partners below (click on their logo or name), purchase your hosting, and follow the steps we outline in order to get your free website/blog setup.   Many of our partners have specials that make the hosting extremely affordable. Most of our hosting services even include a free domain name, which is required for your audience to find you on the internet (ours is

Remember that you even though you will have to pay for web hosting, and these partners pay us a small referral fee, it is at NO cost to you, in fact, we very often have special savings that you may not have been able to get elsewhere, plus, we will set your site up for you for FREE!   Please make sure NOT to use any other promotional codes or discounts when ordering your hosting, since doing so will remove our codes and we will not be able to verify your information, thus will not be able to complete the free setup.

Select Your Host:

bluehost web hosting

Web Hosting

Step 3 – Send us your information

Once you have purchased your domain name and hosting using one of our affiliates, you will need to send us the emails you receive from the selected hosting company.  This will allow us to setup your website/blog.  *Remember that in order for us to do this, you must have purchased the hosting from one of our affiliates, using our affiliate links.

Please provide your personal and hosting details in order for our team to complete your site setup. Please note that we cannot guarantee a delivery day/time, but we strive to complete requests as soon as possible, typically within 24 business hours.

Your Hosting Information

Provide the details we require to login and setup your site. Once the site is setup, you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to proceed.

NOTE: Please copy and paste the content of the receipt you received from your hosting provider after you signed up for service. This is required for us to access your hosting and set your site up. This email will include the date you signed up and the domain you registered during signup.

NOTE: While we try to accommodate special requests, please note that we may not be able to oblige. Simple requests like requesting the installation of a special plugin (available for free from, for example, is an acceptable request.

Step 4 – Add Content!

Once we validate your purchase, we will setup your site/blog. You will receive a several emails from us with information on what to do next. Your next challenge, create and add content!

Why do we do this for FREE?

There are a number of reasons why we do this, including the fact that while the process is not difficult to do, for new WordPress users, it can be a little overwhelming.  There are over 49,000 plugins available on’s plugin directory, not to mention the thousands of independently distributed plugins.  We have years of experience installing, configuring and testing plugins, so we have a very good idea of which ones (in our opinion) are the best.   There are also a number of configurations that are essential for a successful website/blog.   Taking advantage of our service will get you started off on the right track, and let you focus on creating content without having to worry about many of the pitfalls that new WordPress users encounter.


We have established relationships with hosting companies, domain name registrars, premium theme and plugin developers, and other key service providers who pay us a small referral fee when someone uses our link to purchase their services.  As an affiliate of these service providers, we are able to sustain these free services as long as people use our links to purchase any services they need.  We feel strongly about the value and quality of the services we “endorse” as affiliates, but please do not purchase anything that you don’t feel you need.  Please know that even though we may get a fee for referring you, there is no additional cost to you.  To help us keep this setup service free, please consider using our links for any services you may need.